AnomyBC (anomybc) wrote in torryfan,

I Like Torry

I like Torry too. She's a hottie and she has a cute voice : )
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Torry seems cool. SHe is attractive, but sorry I don't know about the voice though. FYI though, I have a sexy man voice, if you wanna hear that..just let me know ;)
Nope, not really : )
I wasnt talking to you, ha!

Deleted comment

Oh my God Torry...You have the most beautiful voice. Oh my god..I cannot believe that's your voice. You also speak very good english, thats a big plus!!! Very nice voice, but one talk too much =-P jk, bye!

Deleted comment

here u are....

lol...I tried listening to your phone post, but UNFORTUNATELY for my beloved didn't work! :-(


So you have a sexy man really like it when a girl sounds just like me...omg...that's perfect, double the pleasure, double the fun..hahahahaha...

Anyways, life is great, I worked out today, did my biceps and deltoids..tomorrow is leg's day and I'm totally stoked!!! What what!! working out is great!

Take CAre Torry :-P